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Roller Skating Patinaje Pattinaggio Rollschuhlaufen Patinação 滚轴溜冰
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By: Candice Heiden This weekend marks the climax of a year-long battle for the crowning of 2012 Women’s Flat Track Derby Champions aka Grits and Glory! This year the Atlanta Rollergirls will be hosting the championships from November 2-4 at the Georgia World Congress Center in the same venue that hosted the Olympics in 1996. [...]

Jr Mens Figure Final Results

By: Candice Heiden Roller figure skaters from all over the world are finishing up their packing, getting in a last practice, and saying their good-byes before the long (sometimes 2 day) trip from their home countries to Aukland, New Zealand for the 57th World Roller Figure Skating Championships being held from September 29-October 13. The [...]

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By: Candice Heiden Although I do most of my roller skating at a skating rink, its always a treat to combine my love of four-wheels with my desire to be one with the outdoors. I’m talking about rolling outdoors people, it’s exhilarating! From the change of scenery, to the spontaneous obstacles, having the wind in [...]

Dixie Derby Girls we RollerSkate

By: Candice Heiden Meet the Dixie Derby Girls, Huntsville, Georgia’s first and largest women’s flat track roller derby team. The girls have been hitting it hard for eight years now at the Von Braun Center. Made up of women who are mothers, grandmothers, professionals, students, artists and more, these ladies are currently ranked #21 in [...]

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By: Candice Heiden Earlier this week I was lucky to have had the opportunity to work with the Rollerblade company and skate in the photo shoot for their 2012/2013 catalog. Noted photographer, Ben Shaul, photographed skaters of different backgrounds on location in downtown Los Angeles and Malibu tearing through the streets and blowin’ down hills [...]

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By: Candice Heiden So you’ve mastered the backwards march, backwards scissors are a breeze and you can even do backwards pushes in a circle…sounds like you’re ready for the backwards cross-pull.     If you haven’t already, be sure to frequent my earlier tutorial on Backwards Skating Basics to learn the basic backwards skating position [...]

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By: Candice Heiden Join me on the fast track to backwards skating with some video tutorials I’ve put together. Starting with the most basic backwards skating position, anyone can learn to skate backwards in just a few easy steps.   This tutorial is the second lesson in a three-part series that takes you from no [...]

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Backwards skating we RollerSkate

By: Candice Heiden One of the most requested skills that I get asked to teach is backwards skating, so I figured it would make a great series of tutorial videos. Here is the first of a three part series that will take you from no experience in backwards skating, all the way to backwards cross [...]

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Sinful Disco Ball 2012

By: Candice Heiden Early last week, as a generous gesture, Red Bull energy drinks hosted an amazing party open to service industry personnel in the greater Denver area of Colorado. The event was held at the versatile EXDO Event Center and was co-hosted by Tracks Night Club. The event known as the Sinful Disco Ball [...]

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By: Candice Heiden Join Me For We RollerSkate’s First Ever Beach Skate, New Year’s Day! Start 2012 on the right track by skating with me and friends in beautiful Long Beach, California. The goal is to begin the new year with some fun, friends and fitness and hopefully keep this up all throughout the year. [...]

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By: Candice Heiden Here are a few pointers on getting past that dreaded “break-in”. With the holidays just around the corner, its a great time to take advantage of sales on new skating equipment. A pair of skates, roller or ice, make the perfect holiday gift that can be used all year long for family [...]

Senior Ladies Short

By: Candice Heiden Guest Contributor: Jamie Chekon This week began the Senior (age 19+) portion of the 56th Roller Figure Skating World Championships that is taking place in Brasilia, Brazil. The world’s top-ranked artistic roller skaters will compete and represent their native countries to crown a world champion. Skaters compete in the following disciplines: freestyle, [...]

Inline Men and Women Short/Long

By: Candice Heiden The 56th Roller Figure Skating World Championships is taking place November 14-27 in Brasilia, Brazil. The finest artistic roller skaters from all over the world represent their native countries to crown a world champion. Skaters compete in freestyle, solo dance, figures, pairs and team dance events. Groups of skaters compete against each [...]

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Blonde Lacing Up we RollerSkate

By Candice Heiden While teaching some fun beginner skaters this weekend, I realized that we start by teaching people the basics, you know: how to fall, how to get up, how to get moving, and how to stop, but we usually don’t teach how to get the things on. I did a quick impromptu for [...]

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Number 1975 is Airbrushed On

By: Candice Heiden While browsing a skate discussion forum, I stumbled upon a thread where a derby girl was describing her league’s success with a new technique for securing the pesky and troublesome “arm numbers”. This seems to be an issue that many roller derby leagues deal with every weekend at bouts. It’s a real [...]

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derby babe we RollerSkate

By: Candice Heiden Named as one of the hottest and fastest growing sports worldwide, Roller Derby is not only known for its athleticism, or excitement factor but its undeniable style and culture has definitely put this roller revival on the map. This Halloween, you can tap into your inner-derby girl for a totally unique and [...]

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By: Candice Heiden October has been National Roller Skating Month since 1983 when President Ronald Reagan declared this month to remind families of the benefits of this fun past time. While some may have forgotten about this sport, its important to raise awareness about its safe physical and social perks for people of all ages [...]

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Crystal Roseborough Nationals 2010 we RollerSkate

Hi, my name is Crystal Roseborough, and I am from San Bernardino, California. I have been roller skating since I was 6 years old. Not many people know much about it and some don’t even know it exists, but for me, roller skating is my life! While I spend as much time in the rink [...]

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Lucozade Lite Girls Live in London we RollerSkate

By: Candice Heiden Roller Skating featured in International Commercial 2011   Shot in May 2011 at beautiful Venice Beach, CA this commercial features skaters of many backgrounds including competitive, jam, session, outdoor, and derby. How many of your skating friends can you pick out from this Lucozade Lite commercial?   This advertisement quickly earned more [...]

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Keystonelight Skaters we RollerSkate

    Keystone Light Beer takes their smooth spokesperson, Keith Stone to the roller rink in this commercial shot in early 2011 at the famous Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, CA.   The commercial features roller skaters as extras and professional skater, April Corley, as a principle stunt double, looks pretty fun, huh? Check out more [...]

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courtesydailymail.co.uk we RollerSkate

These celebs look like they are having a great time, when was the last time you went to visit a skating rink? Image courtesy of thehollywoodgossip.com Check out more skating in the media.

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roller skating we RollerSkate

  10. Events A birthday party at a roller rink is guaranteed fun and half the headache as your usual get- together. The local roller rink is also a fun place to have a company party, celebrate anything from retirement, going away, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or graduation, you name it. There are different options to hosting [...]

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Roller Rink Directory we RollerSkate

CONTACT US TO ADD YOUR RINK TO OUR DIRECTORY   Rink Directory:   Address  –Search By City– Riverside, CA San Bernardino, CA Radius 1 mi 5 mi 10 mi 25 mi 50 mi 100 mi 200 mi 500 mi LotsOfLocales™ by Viadat Enter Your Address or Zip Code Above To Find a Rink Near You

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Figure Skaters we RollerSkate

By: Candice Heiden   What words come to mind when we think of the best competitive skaters we know? Dedication, commitment, talent, artistry, strength might describe some of the sport’s greatest athletes.   What do you look at when evaluating a competitive skater’s overall relevancy?       *Well rounded For me a skater should [...]

Roller Hockey we RollerSkate

      Last month the International Olympic Committee (IOC) met in Durban, South Africa where a decision was made to include three new sports to the Olympic Program for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Chosen for their ability to provide great entertainment for spectators and to add more youthful appeal to the [...]

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By: Candice Heiden How This Favorite Past Time Can Help Sculpt Your Body Without The Moan And Groan   If you’re like me, investing in a gym membership is a big waste of your already tight budget. Chances are I’m getting to the gym about once a week and struggling through no more than 40 [...]

Skater girls we Rollerskate

Nothing gets me in the mood to skate like my “Skate Jams” playlist on my iPod. Although its not the only skating playlist I’ve compiled, its my go-to when I want to get into a four-wheel groove. You may have your own, I’m sure everyone does, but if you have never heard some of these [...]

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As the summer comes to a close, there are no signs of slowing for the jam skating community. Some awesome events took place over the last few months for this unique style of skating. If you’ve never heard of or seen jam skating its a bit of a general term for many types of skating [...]

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Tayler Bradshaw 2011 Junior World Team member Women's Freeskating

My name is Tayler Bradshaw, I was born and raised in Fresno, California. I currently live in Fremont, California and I just turned 18 years old on August 6th. Not only do I roller skate full time, but I’m a college student at Ohlone College as well.   I’ve been skating for 10 years, and [...]

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Rental Skates we RollerSkate

By: Candice Heiden Hi All! Just a quick note here to let you in on a great find that just popped up in my email.. Holiday Skate Center in Orange, California has teamed up with LivingSocial (the deal site) with a special offer for families or for a group of friends I suppose. For only [...]

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Women's Final Results

By: Candice Heiden The Pan American Games features 42 nations that participate in 36 events beginning on October 14th and running until October 30th. This year’s event is taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico, and is anticipated to be the largest sporting event of 2011. According to the ESPN Media Zone, full coverage of the multi-national [...]

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mens 70's skating outfit  we RollerSkate

By: Candice Heiden As we roll closer to Halloween, I’m sure people have begun brainstorming or planning a great costume. Some may have already been to a costume party or two. I’ve included some great roller skater looks in this costume series but so far they have catered to the ladies, so I figured it’d [...]

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Photo: gavin bond photography

By: Candice Heiden We’re one week closer to Halloween, and if you don’t have your costume together yet, here’s a great idea for putting your skates to good use this season. Now there’s something so irresistibly cute and even sexy about the typical roller girl look, so that’s why I’m tickled to name the 70′s [...]

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Photo: tumblr

By: Candice Heiden I can’t believe its that time of year again..already! I’ve always loved Halloween, not because of the spooky decorations or horror movies, but because I LOVE to dress up! If you know me personally you know how much I adore a good costume party and pride myself on throwing together a one-of-a-kind [...]

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Au Artistic Nationals poster we RollerSkate

By: Candice Heiden This weekend Australia’s top artistic roller skaters will compete in their National Championships, held in Melbourne. The championships that start Sunday September 25 will continue through next week and conclude on September 30. Skating will take place at the Dandenong Netball Stadium, Dandenong Showgrounds, Greaves Reserve.   Skaters from all over Australia [...]