Backwards Skating Basics

One of the most requested skills that I get asked to teach is backwards skating, so I figured it would make a great series of tutorial videos. Here is the first of a three part series that will take you from no experience in backwards skating, all the way to backwards cross overs (cross-pulls).
The first step towards becoming a great backwards skater is learning and perfecting the Backwards March as demonstrated in this video.


Here’s a brief rundown of how to get started Backwards Skating:

1. Position feet with toes inward and heels out keeping bent knees and a straight back.
2. Alternate lifting your knees while maintaining the foot position in Step 1
3. DO NOT walk backwards, only lift knees straight up and down
4. Once this is comfortable, begin applying more force and take a longer push
Common mistakes include:
-looking down at the feet
-leaning forward
-walking backwards (looks like a chicken walk..hehe )
-moving feet out of the backwards skating position
-sliding feet on the ground instead of lifting them

Best of luck and check back for the next step in Backwards Skating Basics
You’re ready to Roll!

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