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2011 Roller Figure World Championships: Senior Results

By: Candice Heiden
Guest Contributor: Jamie Chekon

This week began the Senior (age 19+) portion of the 56th Roller Figure Skating World Championships that is taking place in Brasilia, Brazil. The world’s top-ranked artistic roller skaters will compete and represent their native countries to crown a world champion. Skaters compete in the following disciplines: freestyle, solo dance, figures, pairs and team dance. Groups of skaters competed earlier in the week against each other in show and precision competition, as well as inline roller skaters in freestyle events. For Jr World Championship and inline results click here.

For schedule and live streaming information visit our event page for the championship. A special “thank you” to guest contributor Jamie who is blogging for We RollerSkate from the World Championships in Brazil..boy am I jealous.

Thursday November 24:
“Tonight in Brasilia was the Ladies short program. The Italians, Debora Sbei and Christina Trani dominated with powerful jumps and great speed across the skating surface. Lucija Mlinaric of Slovenia skated strongly as well and is in 3rd place after a showtune program that was very well done.

In the team dance event, teams performed their Original Dance where the defending world champions Mirko Pontello and Melissa Comin De Candido from Italy skated strongly and are in 1st. Hot on their heels are the newlywed American team of Kyle and Heather Turley. There were a number of delays and problems in this event due to giant bugs inhabiting the skating surface.

The pairs was a spectacular event with Italy sweeping the podium and now 3-time pairs world champion Sara Venerucci scored a perfect 10 with her partner, Danilo Decembrini. Their costumes were spectacular and throw triple salchow and loop were pure perfection. The Italian teams of Garelli and Cappelar, 2nd and Fabbri and Marzocchini, 3rd were equally amazing.

On a side note the crowds are excellent here and its great to see roller skating see such support. More to come tomorrow but the wifi is about to cut out again….


Jamie Chekon”

Senior Events Results, please be sure to check back frequently for updates:

Senior Pairs Champions

Senior Pairs: 1st place Danilo Decembrini and Sara Venerucci, Italy
2nd place Marco Garelli and Pamela Cappelar, Italy
3rd place Enrico Fabbri and Laura Marzocchini, Italy


Senior Mens Figure Champions

Senior Mens Figures: 1st place Andrea Poli, Italy
2nd place Markus Lell, Germany
3rd place Elis Carriero, Italy


Senior Ladies Figure Champions

Senior Ladies Figures: 1st place Maria Albertarrelli, Argentina
2nd place Mariangeles Mantuano, Argentina
3rd place Sandra Woyciechowski, Germany


Senior Mens Freestyle Champions

Senior Mens Freestyle: 1st place Dario Betti, Italy
2nd place Marcel Sturmer, Brazil
3rd place Andrea Aracu, Italy


Senior Ladies Freestyle Champions

Senior Ladies Freestyle: 1st place Debora Sbei, Italy
2nd place Lucija Mlinaric, Slovenia
3rd place Carla Pey Gomez, Spain


Senior Mens Combined Champions

Senior Mens Combined: 1st place Markus Lell, Germany
2nd place Gustavo Casado, Brazil
3rd place Marco Santucci, Italy
Senior Ladies Combined: 1st place Debora Sbei, Italy
2nd place Lucija Mlinaric, Slovenia
3rd place Carla Pey Gomez, Spain


Senior Team Dance Champions

Senior Team Dance: 1st place Mirko Pontello & Melissa Comin De Candido, Italy
2nd place Kyle Turley & Heather Menard Turley, USA
3rd place Alessandro Spigai & Anna Remondini, Italy
Senior Mens Solo Dance: 1st place Daniel Morandin, Italy
2nd place Alessandro Spigai, Italy
3rd place Maxime Duponchel, France
Senior Ladies Solo Dance: 1st place Paola Fraschini, Italy
2nd place Valeria Camurri, Italy
3rd place Florence Gerber, France
Precision Teams: 1st place Millennium Team, Argentina
2nd place Precision Skate, Argentina
3rd place Precision Team Albinea “F150″, Italy
Large Show Group: 1st place “Emilio Salgari 1862-1911″, Italy
2nd place “Superstition”, Spain
3rd place “Show Yourself”, Spain
Small Show Group: 1st place “Let’s Swing”, Italy
2nd place “Fire Inside”, Argentina
3rd place “Who?”, Argentina


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