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Jr World Championships Results: Artistic Roller Skating

By: Candice Heiden

The 56th Roller Figure Skating World Championships is taking place November 14-27 in Brasilia, Brazil. The finest artistic roller skaters from all over the world represent their native countries to crown a world champion. Skaters compete in freestyle, solo dance, figures, pairs and team dance events. Groups of skaters compete against each other in show and precision competition, and you can even see inline roller skaters competing in freestyle events.

The venue for the championships is the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium located in Brasilia. The Junior World Championships took place from November 14-19, the Senior World Championships will begin on Wednesday. For schedule and live streaming information visit our event page for the championship.

Here’s a look at the results of the Junior World Class Events:

Congratulations to all skaters who participated. Here’s a quick list of the medalists for the Junior World Class events and Inline Freestyle events:

Jr Team Dance Champions

Jr Team Dance: 1st place Andrea Losi and Giulia Grossi, Italy
2nd place Anthony Trevor and Paula Lopez, USA
3rd place Simone Cellarosi and Melissa Masini, Italy

Jr Pairs Champions

Jr Pairs: 1st place Andrea Camoli and Elena Lago, Italy
2nd place Thomas Picar and Camellia Cherifi, France
3rd place Angelo De Benedictis and Veronica Saltalippi, Italy

Jr Mens Figures Champs Photo: João Guilherme de Carvalho

Jr Men Figures: 1st place Simone Porzi, Italy
2nd place Pierre Meriel, France
3rd place Michael Cooper, USA
Jr Women Figures: 1st Place Giulia Formai, Italy
2nd place Elizabeth Soler, Argentina
3rd place Juliana Giraldo, Colombia

Jr Mens Freestyle Champions

Jr Men Freestyle: 1st place Andrea Girotto, Italy
2nd place Simone Porzi, Italy
3rd place John Burchfield, USA

Jr Ladies Freestyle Champions

Jr Women Freestyle: 1st place Viviana D’Alessandro, Italy
2nd place Chiara Colpo, Italy
3rd place Gisele Soler, Argentina

Jr Mens Combined Champions

Jr Men Combined: 1st place Simone Porzi, Italy
2nd place Pierre Meriel, France
3rd place Carlos Radtke, Brazil

Jr Ladies Combined Champions

Jr Women Combined: 1st place Gisele Soler, Argentina
2nd place Elizabeth Soler, Argentina
3rd place Chiara Colpo, Italy
Jr Solo Dance: 1st place Ricardo Pinto, Portugal
2nd place Silvia Stibili, Italy
3rd place Alessandra Sain, Italy

Mens Inline Champions

Inline Men Free: 1st place Carlos Uruquia, Argentina
2nd place Diego Dores, Brazil
3rd place Chun Lee, Taipei
Inline Women Free: 1st place Silvia Marangoni, Italy
2nd place Natalie Motley, USA
3rd place Courtney Donovan, USA



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