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Best Roller Skater Halloween Costumes(Look 2)
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By: Candice Heiden

We’re one week closer to Halloween, and if you don’t have your costume

together yet, here’s a great idea for putting your skates to good use this

season. Now there’s something so irresistibly cute and even sexy about the

typical roller girl look, so that’s why I’m tickled to name the 70′s & 80′s

Roller Girl costume as Look 2 in the Best Roller Skater Halloween Costumes



Of course there are multiple ways to assemble the perfect “Roller Girl”

costume, but I’ve picked a few of my favorites that I think would be pretty

simple to get together, and super cute! Since roller skating really hit its

highest point in the 70′s and 80′s it’s fashion from these decades that tends

to be best associated with the four-wheel phenomenon. For a 70′s throwback

look you could do something like this…

70′s Roller Girl

Photo: glam.com

With a sporty lil lightweight jacket (I found one at H&M), you can wear an

undershirt with a pair of dolphin shorts (only $15 at wickedskatewear.com and in 12

different colors!), your favorite pair of striped tube socks (killer deal: only $7 at

wickedskatewear.com in 12 different colors!) and of course the best accessory

of all…your skates!

Photo: gavin bond photography



If you’re having trouble letting go of the summer

fun, ditch the jacket and rock your favorite

bathing suit or leotard on top!





Another option for this 70′s Roller Skater costume is a one-

piece romper with tube socks just like the one worn by

Jessica Simpson in her “Public Affair” music video.

You can find rompers like these at post-summer sales from

many of your local retailers (I found a few from these brands:

BabyPhat, Roxy, Victoria’s Secret and American Apparel).



If you can’t seem to get this 70′s look just right, have no fear there’s also the highly recognizable 80′s counterpart option.

80′s Roller Girl

Photo: youarebestdressed.com

Not too far off from the 70′s Roller Girl costume, this one can also feature some cute

running shorts, swap your tube socks for some colorful leg warmers (check out

American Apparel or Target has them in many colors and lengths $8.50-$12), a

leotard or one-piece bathing suit works for the top and of course, the

signature 80′s cut up sweatshirt! Colorful tights or leggings add to this

look as well and can keep your legs warm, oh and don’t forget to show off your

best attempt at 80′s Big Hair.


Reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson is in the Halloween spirit,

wearing the 80′s Roller Girl costume by Leg Avenue

(you can find this one at most major costume stores).

I also like to add a little more detail to

my 80′s inspired outfits and rock the sweatbands

as well (try stbands.com for wrist and head sweat bands).

Adding your skates to an 80′s ensemble that you

might already have will definitely kick it up a

notch and get you noticed this Halloween!


I would love to see your 70′s or 80′s inspired Roller Skater costumes. Please check back next week for another “Roller Skater Halloween Costume Look”, these 70′s & 80′s Roller Girl costumes are Look 2 in a four-part series, other Looks include: Men’s Roller Skater costume, Roller Derby Girl costume, and Roller Skating Car Hop costume.


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