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Best Roller Skater Halloween Costumes(Look 4)
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By: Candice Heiden

Named as one of the hottest and fastest growing sports worldwide, Roller Derby is not only known for its athleticism, or excitement factor but its undeniable style and culture has definitely put this roller revival on the map. This Halloween, you can tap into your inner-derby girl for a totally unique and oh-so-appealing costume. Like the other costumes in the Best Roller Skating Costume series, the Roller Derby Girl look can be transformed into a child’s version or you can turn up the heat for a sexy adult look too! Try this on for size…

Roller Derby Girl

Among other unique styles, you will see punk rock, rock-a-billy, pin-up and
sporty fashion looks fuse to create an individual statement. Roll through a
Halloween party on your skates with a pair of hot pants (Wicked Skatewear has a great selection) a fun pair of patterned tights or fishnets of course, and a sporty tank like the one on this cutie. For some added authenticity, you can add knee or elbow pads (borrow some from your brother if you need to).




Here’s another option for an eye-catching costume this year.
Pair your hot pants and roller skates with some knee-high
socks (try Spencer’s Gifts or Hot Topic for some extra fun
socks) and a tied-up top (this is where you can adjust the
sex appeal to your taste).

A helmet is a great accessory for this look because
it gives you some edge, if you don’t have one lying around,
you can snag one pretty cheap at Play It Again Sports (used
sporting goods store) or discount retailers like Wal-Mart
carry them for around $10.



Photo: zippercute.wordpress.com


Not comfortable in short shorts, no problem, derby
girls are also often seen wearing a cute skirt over
their favorite ruffle bottom bloomers (love the ones
by Leg Avenue around $13 at various retailers), very
vintage inspired.

Pull those knee highs extra high and crank up the
volume. I like this option too because it looks great
with a sports inspired girls tee.




Try this throwback look too, which I love, if you’re expecting a cold Halloween night.


Most of this costume you probably already have. Start with your skates, of course, your favorite pair of skinny jeans (loving her high-waisted 70′s shorts though), tuck in your favorite fitted tee, slap a belt on, borrow some knee pads and you’re ready to rock and roll. Oh and I love her gloves too, a little derby hint of “can’t touch this” (find these as accessories at the local costume store for around $6).

The Roller Derby culture and fashion is a unique expression of the independent babe behind the wheels. It varies as much as the girls do so this is a great costume to really make your own. I’d love to see your roller skater costume photos, maybe we have a lil prize in store for the best skater Halloween costume this month! Be sure to see the other looks I’ve put together for you in the “Best Roller Skater Halloween Costume” series, the Roller Derby Girl is Look 4 in a four-part series, other Looks include: Roller Skating Car Hop, 70′s & 80′s Roller Girl costumes, and Men’s Roller Skater costumes.




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