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Best Roller Skater Halloween Costumes(Look 3)
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By: Candice Heiden

As we roll closer to Halloween, I’m sure people have begun brainstorming or planning a great costume. Some may have already been to a costume party or two. I’ve included some great roller skater looks in this costume series but so far they have catered to the ladies, so I figured it’d only be fair to include some great mens/boys roller skater costume ideas as well.

I do want to point out that there are plenty of options for male skater costumes such as: hockey player, speed skater, or an outdoor extreme skater. I think these are all pretty cool and I myself have dressed up as a hockey player in the past (so I could skate from house to house and collect optimal amounts of candy), but I’d like to share more of the traditional Roller Disco/Boogie fashion. Think something like this…

Men’s Roller Skater Costume (70′s inspired)

Godfather of roller boogie, Bill Butler

Getting this super fly look is as easy as putting a cotton undershirt with a pair of 70′s style running shorts (try American Apparel,search etsy.com, or rustyzipper.com), and some awesome accessories. For more 70′s inspired accessory ideas and sites check out the 70′s Roller Girl Look. I know this guy makes this look super cool and easy to wear, but not all men feel comfortable rockin’ the short shorts..unfortunately.


You can also achieve the mens 70′s style roller skater look with some bell-bottom jeans and a baseball style shirt like Lil Bow Wow and his crew in Roll Bounce. My favorite places to find old bell-bottoms are local thrift stores or denim recycling retailers. I also found 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts for $8.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


For a flashier disco-style look try pairing your skates with a store-bought costume like this one from costumedisco.org.

Photo: costumedisco.org


Here’s a brighter and more 80′s inspired option for a Men’s Roller Skater Costume



Just by swapping running shorts for bright bike shorts and a track jacket can totally take the Mens Roller Skater Costume in a different direction. For 80′s style sportswear you might check out your local Buffalo Exchange or other vintage and recycling retailers. I can also see this look working with an oversized 80′s style tank top if you’re not feeling the track jacket. Don’t forget some knee high socks (we love the selection at Wicked Skatewear, only $7), and your roller skates! I’m particularly digging the fanny pack accessory…details are everything.



The key to an awesome Men’s Roller Skater Look is having fun with it and creating a style that fits your personality and comfort level…the great thing about it is it’s as easy as adding your skates to any 70′s or 80′s inspired clothing or costume to really stand out this year and create a totally unique costume.

Photo: Roller Boogie

I would love to see your 70′s or 80′s inspired Mens Roller Skater costumes or see some of your ideas and inspiration. Please check back next week for another “Roller Skater Halloween Costume Look”, these Men’s Roller Skater costumes are Look 3 in a four-part series, other Looks include: Roller Derby Girl costume, Roller Skating Car Hop costume, and 70′s & 80′s Roller Girl costumes.


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