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National Roller Skating Month
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By: Candice Heiden

October has been National Roller Skating Month since 1983 when President Ronald

Reagan declared this month to remind families of the benefits of this fun past

time. While some may have forgotten about this sport, its important to raise

awareness about its safe physical and social perks for people of all ages and to

remind folks that fun activities are right around the corner at their local

roller skating center.


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In a time where computers, video games,

smart phones and TV monopolize time for

most children and adults, as skaters we can

show people how they can get more physical

activity and work toward a healthy lifestyle by

adding roller sports into their regular activity

mix. Studies show that inline and roller

skating is equivalent to jogging in calories burned and fat reduction, and its

easier on the joints!


As Summer comes to an end, outdoor skaters can take advantage of this month to

make a transition to indoor skating for the Winter months. And for those who live

in year-round outdoor skating temperatures, don’t forget to think of your local

skating facility during rainy seasons and heat waves. There is always a safe

climate controlled rink not far away!


Photo: tumblr

Roller skating rinks provide exercise,

entertainment, fun and competitive activities for

inline and quad skaters of all ages. National

Roller Skating Month is an opportunity to spread

skating love and awareness to potential skaters

and skate families to take a look at roller sports

by visiting a roller skating center. Here are a few

ways you can do your part to promote skating in your community:

  • Bring a friend: If you are a competitive skater or are learning to skate, bring a friend who has never seen you skate and rent them a pair to try it out themselves. You’d be surprised how much respect they instantly have for you and you could spark their interest to learn more about skating too!

  • Host an event: October is not only National Roller Skating Month but is a special month for many causes as well. Why not bring both worlds together and host your fundraiser or awareness event at a skating rink?

  • Back to School Night: Many children and college students have recently started the fall semester and nothing brings people together like a skating party! Teachers and parents can mingle while gliding along with students, and college fraternities/sororities can host themed parties at the skating rink and really see the enthusiasm of potential pledges.

  • Halloween Party: Everyone hosts a costume party, but who hosts a costume party on wheels? Adding this creative element will make your costume party the one everyone talks about for years to come!

    Now that we’ve got you thinking about ways you can promote skating in

    your community, celebrate National Roller Skating Month with us by entering our

    2012 Promote Skating Giveaways. You will be required to show us how you’re

    promoting in your area so start spreading the love today!

    Tell a Friend and Get a Gift!

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    • Richardxrebecca

      Our rink is supporting Red-Ribbon “month” by sending out special credit card sized free skating during ANY public session. This went out to 36 PTA’s. Totalling around 30,000 elementary students. It can be used Oct-Nov. Additionally, our figure club will have skating instructors at most public sessions during these months for recruitment! Lastly, our figure club is skating shows in front of local 50′s themed restaurants. Love to see what others are doing that works.

      • Anonymous

        This is a perfect way to combine causes this month!  Thank you for sharing :)

    • Elaine Jones

      Great Forum. Stardust Family Skating Center in San Bernardino, Ca.  is offering a Saturday Skating Lesson for $5 which also includes the afternoon skating session and skate rental for FREE.  They are also having an Artistic Skating Session which  debuts Monday – Oct 10th from 8 to 10:30pm. Dance music – Dance Specials – Freestyle Skating and just all round fun social skating for those who love to skate in a non competitive atmosphere.

      • Anonymous

        Great idea!  Way to go Stardust :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000046170115 Elizabeth Fitzgibbons

      I plan to promote roller skating by working at my local rink and getting my friends to go

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like a good plan :)

    • Julie Dekom

      we totally plan to promote Roller Skating month by hosting open recruiting events at our regular roller derby practices AND making guest appearances at our local open skate events at the rinks near us!   Our PR writer is on it !  :)

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for sharing Julie, derby bouts and practices are a great way to spark interest, have your PR writer contact us so we can promote your league here too!

    • muttpuppy

      I plan on promoting roller skating in my community through continued community service and monetary donations from my roller derby team, promoting the positives of skating while exercising my muscles three (+) times a week at our outdoor track, recruiting new skaters and helping teach basic skills to new comers to the wonder that is skating. I also will continue to blog about roller skating! 

      • Anonymous

        Love it, thanks for the post muttpuppy!  Keep up the good work :)

    • Justplainred

      I do my best to promote rollerskating all the time by teaching new skaters how to skate and coaching roller derby fresh meat on the basics/fundamentals of derby. I also go rec skating whenever I can, and help out wall climbers so they can have more fun and not hurt themselves. :)

      • Anonymous

        Its so important to help out beginners, we all know how easy it is to get discouraged in your first few tries..thanks for sharing!

    • Swallowthstars

      I’m going to take my nephew roller skating for his first time ever!

      • Anonymous

        Perfect, I know we all have at least one person in our family who has never even put on a pair of skates, this month is the perfect time to take them :)  Thanks for sharing!

    • Red2552

      Getting close to my 60th birthday….roller skating my way to good health and fun!

      • Anonymous

        Love this Red!  Keep skating :)

    • Anonymous

      I plan to promote skating by passing my newbie assessment this month and joining the Los Alamos Derby Dames, attending a derby boot camp this month with the Duke City Derby, participating in a Halloween fundraising partay for the Los Alamos Derby Dames, taking my kids to the local Friday Night Skates regularly, and continuing to skate on past my 43rd birthday in November! Skating Rocks!

      • Anonymous

        Way to go! and good luck on your assessment :)

    • Dakulist

      I joined a roller derby team!

    • Michelle Bruder

      I’ve gotten lots of new skating refs for my roller derby league, and I just took on the position of assistant social media coordinator, so I can promote skating and derby online! On top of that, I’ve found that roller skating on campus is a great way to get people interested in it!

      • Anonymous

        I love that you’re skating on campus, that is a great idea for promotion, and congrats on the new position..definitely a great opportunity to promote skating!  Thanks for sharing :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/rolla.rella Annette Jaehn

      Hey that’s me and my son in the top picture!!

      • Anonymous

        OMG that is awesome!  You guys look great and definitely look like you’re having a great time skating..thanks for sharing :)

    • Cyclops

      I skate on my campus and around town! I also am a prat of the local speed and derby teams!